Man in wheelchair pushing his child on the swing

Throughout the year, NCAPPS will host informational webinars on a variety of topics related to person-centered thinking, planning and practice. The webinars are open to the public and the content is geared toward human services administrators, providers, and people who use long-term services and supports.

All webinars will include a panelist who represents the perspective of service users; this may be a member of the Person-Centered Advisory and Leadership Group, a self-advocate, or another stakeholder with lived experience with the topic. Each webinar will be recorded and archived to the NCAPPS Resources page.

Upcoming Webinars

To be announced.

Past NCAPPS Webinars

1 January 2023 Using NCAPPS Resources to Support Compliance with the HCBS Final Rule Requirements for Person-Centered Planning
2 December 2022 Love and Disability: Exploring Person-Centered Supports and the Marriage Penalty
3 October 2022 Opening the Door: Importance of Great Person-Centered Conversations on Employment
4 October 2022 Exploring Core Competencies for Information and Assistance (I&A) Professionals in Self-Direction
5 September 2022 Promoting Meaningful Person-Centered Practices in Home and Community-Based Service Delivery
6 July 2022 Choosing a Health Care Power of Attorney: Who Is Your ‘Who’?
7 June 2022 Pathways to Person-Centered Decision-Making and Alternatives to Guardianship
8 April 2022 Person-Centered Healthcare Delivery
9 March 2022 Understanding and Addressing Unmet Needs
10 February 2022 Decision Making at End of Life
11 December 2021 Build Back Better
12 November 2021 Co-Producing Recovery and Resiliency
13 October 2021 Improving Brain Injury Systems
14 October 2021 Better Together
15 August 2021 Person-Centered Supports in Popular Culture
16 July 2021 Person Centered Planning and Supports for Vaccine Access
17 June 2021 Person-Centered Systems Change
18 May 2021 Person-Centered Goal Discovery for People with Dementia
19 April 2021 Strengths-Based Planning for Worst-Case Scenarios
20 March 2021 Person-Centered Practices in Schools
21 February 2021 Person-Centered Practices Self-Assessment
22 January 2021 Facilitating Person-Centered Planning
23 November 2020 Person-Centered Supports for People with Dementia
24 October 2020 Student-Directed Individualized Education Plan
25 October 2020 Facilitation for Choice and Control
26 August 2020 Peer Support Across Disability
27 July 2020 Tools and Approaches for COVID-19 and Beyond
28 June 2020 The PAE Attention Framework
29 May 2020 Ensuring Linguistic Competence
30 February 2020 Building Capacity Using Family-Centered Approaches
31 January 2020 Meaningful Stakeholder Engagement
32 December 2019 Finding the Balance
33 November 2019 Trauma-Informed Person-Centered Thinking and Support
34 October 2019 Cultural Competence
35 September 2019 Microboards 101
36 August 2019 Considering Brain Injury
37 July 2019 Pieces of the Same Puzzle