Past NCAPPS Webinars

Facilitation for Choice and Control: Person-Centered Planning's Best Kept Secret

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Person-centered planning facilitation can help to create a robust person-centered whole-life plan incorporating all resources that can be mobilized to support a person—not just paid services and supports. In this webinar, people with disabilities and their facilitators will share experiences with person-centered planning facilitation services. They will be joined by a national expert in disability services who will describe how person-centered planning facilitation services can be incorporated to enhance person-centered systems. This webinar complements a new report from NCAPPS – developed as part of our technical assistance work – that provides an overview of person-centered plan facilitation services in five states.

Meet the presenters

Jennifer Billington

Jennifer (Jen) Billington has been supporting people for 25 years. Jen completes formal planning using MAPs, Paths and Liberty Plan through waiver funding. Jen educates others, families, Guardians, Case Managers and DSPs on what is Important To and Important For each person as well as Power With versus Power Over. Jen has been providing training on person centered thinking to various organizations in Minnesota after her certification with The Learning Community.

Robin Cooper

Robin Cooper served as the Director of Technical Assistance for the National Association of State Directors of Developmental Disabilities Services from 1994 through 2020. Ms. Cooper provided technical assistance to all 50 states and the District of Columbia focusing developing and designing person-and family-centered Medicaid-financed home and community-based services. She also has experience of managing Wisconsin Medicaid HCBS waivers for persons with developmental disabilities, as well as working as a direct services provider and case manager. She holds bachelor and master's degrees from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Betsy Gadbois

Betsy Gadbois is the Director of Person-Centered Development with STAR services. She has been working in the field of developmental disabilities for 40 years. Betsy is a Person-Centered Thinking and Person-Centered Planning Trainer and Mentor and has delivered training nationally. She is passionate about people having positive control over lives that are meaningful to them.

Elizabeth Martin

Elizabeth Martin is an artist and small business owner. Elizabeth has a developmental disability and uses services and supports to manage her small business, build meaningful relationships, and volunteer in her community. Elizabeth is supported by a committed circle of support. With the help of an Independent Facilitator for the Person-Centered Planning process, Elizabeth has planned for her future to lead a self-determined life.

Jim Moore

Jim Moore is a Self-Advocate and public speaker from Minnesota. His motto is “Just grab life by the horns.” Jim will share his experiences of using Person-Centered Planning to move out of a group home and into his own apartment.

Jenny Weldon

Jenny Weldon is a vivacious young lady that loves being social. Jenny is very articulate and will tell anyone what she would like in her life and supports needed. Jenny has learned from medical professionals how to take care of her health needs. Jenny participated in person-centered planning to map these supports out. Jenny would like to share her experience in determining her supports and how person-centered planning can help others have their voice heard.