Past NCAPPS Webinars

Microboards 101: An Introduction to a Person-Centered Solution Offering Full Accountability, Active Community Support, and Lifelong Continuity of Care

Monday, September 16th 2019

Microboards are tiny nonprofit corporations that are custom-designed to serve one person. Because of this singular focus, person-centered planning and service design is ‘baked-in’ to the model. And it offers an ability to adapt quickly to someone's changing needs. Each Microboard is part of a larger personal circle of citizen-based support, connection, and companionship, offering a base for lifelong continuity of care, advocacy, and creative problem-solving. Nearly 2,000 Microboards are operating in cities, small towns, and rural areas in the US and Canada. They can be implemented using existing state structures and Medicaid regulations, so states can seamlessly incorporate them into existing procedures for approving and contracting with new providers. In this webinar, we’ll hear from the originator of the model. We’ll also hear from leaders of two active Microboards (one in Wisconsin and one in Georgia) who’ll describe how they’re using the model to promote a good life for the person at the center.

Meet the presenters

David Wetherow

David Wetherow is an internationally recognized leader in community living and self-directed supports. David and his wife Faye invented the Microboard model and developed North America’s first inclusive housing cooperative, the first family-and consumer-governed service cooperative, and a mobile lending library of alternative communications equipment and trainings. David and Faye shared their lives with a beloved adopted daughter who lived with significant communication, mobility, and health challenges until her passing in 2004.

Stuart Rabin

Stuart Rabin heads a Microboard in southeastern Wisconsin. Having the support of a Microboard has provided a quality of life to him unequaled under other models. Stuart may not speak with words but his demeanor touches people’s hearts. Most days you will find him out of the house, seeing, doing, and exploring. His hobbies are riding rollercoasters and swimming in the pool whenever possible. Stuart’s mother, Anne, is fortunate to be able to share his story to encourage others in supporting the person to be the center of focus. Anne is a member of the Wisconsin Microboard Association, an advocate for the caregiving workforce and supported self-direction.

Christopher Hunnicutt

Christopher Hunnicutt was born and raised in DeKalb County, Georgia where he participated in the inclusive public education system. In 2011, he graduated from the first cohort of the inclusive post-secondary education program at Kennesaw State University. Currently, Chris lives in a condo community with his roommate and keeps busy with three part-time jobs. Chris established his Microboard in 2014 and holds regular meetings to review his PATH with community members who are interested in providing support and guidance for his self-actualization. Christopher has presented to audiences at local, state, and national venues. Chris’ self-advocacy provides encouragement to empower the voices of others.