Past NCAPPS Webinars

Meaningful Stakeholder Engagement: A Collaborative Approach to Programs for People with Intellectual and Development Disabilities and Their Families

Wednesday, January 22nd 2020

Tennessee’s Employment and Community First CHOICES program, serving people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, was implemented in 2016 following robust engagement of the people and families who would be served by the program and extensive collaboration across state agencies and the advocacy community. The program emphasizes employment and community inclusion as the first and preferred option for people with intellectual and development disabilities and provides a broad array of services responding to the diverse needs shared by people and families. Participants in this webinar will learn: (1) The critical role that people and families played in proactively initiating conversations with state agencies (2) The partnership between state agencies to develop a comprehensive approach to service delivery (3) The importance of stakeholder engagement early in the program design phase, throughout implementation, and ongoing as the program continues to evolve to ensure services address stakeholder needs.

Meet the presenters

Eric Wilson

Eric Wilson is a self-advocate, participating in his community and workplace. He has been employed with Publix for ten years and is an all-around athlete in Special Olympics. His hobbies include photography, anything athletic and traveling. His favorite sports are power lifting, swimming and basketball.

Gina Wilson

Gina Wilson is the Director of the Early Learning Program at Waves, Inc., serving children from birth to three years who have a disability or developmental delay in Williamson County and six surrounding counties. She has been an advocate for 33 years, focusing on inclusion and empowerment.

Patti Killingsworth

Patti Killingsworth is the TennCare Assistant Commissioner and Chief of LTSS. She has worked in Medicaid for two decades, leading system redesign in multiple states. Her commitment is to transform systems to better serve individuals and families, and to bring their voice to bear in state policy and program decisions.

Wanda Willis

Wanda Willis has been the Executive Director of the Tennessee Council on Developmental Disabilities since 1991. The Council is a state agency established to improve disability policies and practice, educate policymakers and the public, and facilitate community collaboration to create lasting, positive change for Tennesseans with disabilities and their families.

Clancey Hopper

Clancey Hopper moved to Tennessee as a young adult for Project Opportunity, preparing her for many successful jobs including as tour guide at Nashville’s Grand Ole Opry. Clancey serves on the TN Council on Developmental Disabilities, the Board of Directors for Prospect, Inc. and the Board of Trustees for the National Williams Syndrome Association.

Jordan Allen

Jordan Allen is the Deputy Commissioner of Program Operations for the TN Department of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. His career experience spans nearly 25 years in multiple state service delivery systems. Under his leadership, Deputy Commissioner Allen has championed and implemented community integration strategies, vocational training, integrated employment supports and enabling technology for persons with disabilities that have gained national recognition.