Past NCAPPS Webinars

Building Capacity Using Family-Centered Approaches to Promote the Best Life for Young Children with Disabilities: An Innovative Family-to-Family Program

Wednesday, February 26th 2020

Family-centered practice is widely recognized as the best approach in building the capacity of families of young children with developmental delays or disabilities. However, like person-centered supports, challenges with implementation are recognized. Using co-design and peer work we have addressed this gap through the creation of novel approaches to family-centered planning, practices and supports to build family participation. In this webinar you will hear about:

• The global impact of this award-winning program

• Our evidence- and research-informed approaches

• What families think about these new approaches

• How other early intervention service providers have reflected on their family-centered practices and the steps they have taken to make improvements.

Meet the presenters

Annick Janson

Dr. Annick Janson is a New Zealand-based clinical psychologist and researcher, focusing on changing the disability sector through family collective leadership. She was awarded a Gallup International Positive Psychology Fellowship. Annick co-founded the evidence-based ‘Now and Next’ positive parenting program in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Europe. She raises a young adult with special gifts.

Clayton Buffoni

Clayton Buffoni has a rather diverse past. Former Stage Writer and Director in the UK, Journalist in the Middle East and National Business Development Manager in the Australian and NZ wine industry. Currently, Business Development Consultant to Plumtree Learning. One part of a neurodivergent family of three, a member of the Reframing Disability Board and a Now and Next Alumni member.

Gareth Williams

Gareth Williams is currently the Director of Family and Children’s Services at the Canadian-based Kinsight Community Society. He’s interested in finding new ways to enhance family engagement and build family leadership in the early childhood intervention sector. When not working, he spends as much time outdoors as he can on his skis, bike or hiking boots.

Mohammed Hussaini

Mohammed Hussaini's whanau (family) consists of a very supportive wife and 3 amazing children. Though born in India, more than a decade ago we chose New Zealand as our home. Two years ago, our second child was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, and we were one of the first families to be enrolled in Now and Next’s NZ program. I work as an IS Architect, and both my wife and I are trained as Now and Next peer facilitators.

Sylvana Mahmic

Sylvana Mahmic is CEO of Plumtree Australia with 28 years’ experience in the early childhood intervention field. She is co-creator of Now and Next , promotes peer work and has incubated two new peer led organisations. She is completing her PhD on individualised funding and supports her son to self-manage his funding.